Baccano! Ladd Russo and Claire Stanfield Cosplay by SpiritArcher and DracoPlato @ DeviantArt

Who dem hotties up der

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i was looking for what to cosplay and i remembered i wanted to do lua for a long time but



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I have no idea who took these photos… Maybe @heulangel !?!? Either way I feel like I don’t have enough pimping of this costume yet and I have so much fun in it! 

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The episode in which Dallas Genoard impersonates a disheveled rug

This was the most useful Dallas had ever been besides being in a barrel.

Good job Dallas, you’re an inspiration to us all.

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I see what’s going on. You think I’m gonna try and hurt your father, don’t you? That I’m gonna try to steal the secret of his immortality? He’s all you’ve got, isn’t he? I’ll bet he’s the only family you’ve ever known and you’ll do whatever you have to do to protect him.

Am I right?

Well then, I have a perfect idea. All you have to do is agree to marry me and then I’ll be your father’s son. As a member of the family, I’d be obligated to protect him just as much as you. I assure you my intentions toward you are completely serious, and unlike your associates in there, I will never betray you.

It may be true that Huey possesses the secrets of immortality, but I have no need of that. The power of immortality can do nothing for me, because, you see, there is no way that I am gonna die. I truly believe that to be the case. You can’t say anything, but you can believe it, can’t you?

I am a man who will never die.

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aniki子安 (﹁ ﹁ )σ 其實這個角色還蠻路人的