o look two more popped up. Very few people noticed I had a red contact in but when they did they freaked itwasnice

look at my embroiderrryyyy

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Must be Pepper’s birthday and he only remembered like 5 minutes ago during a fight.

I imagine him getting blasted and falling through the ceiling of a mall next to Victoria’s Secret and just going, “oh, well, while I’m here.”

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so i gained like four new followers (hello! If you’re curious, my tagged cosplays are here and cosplay wips are here but I update my instagram more often with cosplaywips here). I wish I had better pics to commemorate this with but I DON’T. not until I find someone to take my pics ; aaaaaaa;

SO HERE’S SOME REALLY BAD CELLPHONE PICS n one really nice one from ChEsHiRe-K of Banzai Pro <3


A preview of some of the Fan Expo photos that I was looking at. I think I’ll be making a post sometime next week. Until then enjoy the best portal duel cosplay that I’ve seen. Featuring http://poisonne.com/ and Shane

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Male Cruella De Vil is now finished (with Fur coat!) based on SakimiChans design.

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Character: Lukia Cromwell

Manga: Count Cain

CN: Tomia


Captain Amelia from Treasure Planet

Cosplayer: Ryoko Demon [TW / DA / FB]
Photographer: Kifir [FL / DA]