Carnival of Horrors

SCP-823 is an abandoned theme park. It was abandoned due to a large number of violent events resulted in the deaths of many of the attendees. An event known as “Bloody Sunday” resulted in the maiming of 7 attendees and the deaths of 231 more. Following this event, the park was sealed off and MTF Rho-71 entered in attempt to determine the cause of the deaths. However, MTF Rho-71 was forced to retreat after losing 50% of their forces.


I would like to state that the information above about Takakanonuma Greenland is not correct. The info that came from the site was also the site that gave us the hallway horror game along with the staircase game. The game where you continuously go down flights of stairs in total darkness and the only thing that appears is this monster that tries to ‘grab you’ with its long fingers (but it’s harmless). It’s just a horror site to give you scares.

There isn’t much information around Takakanonuma Greenland. It was opened in the mid-70’s but always opened and closed, more than likely for financial reasons since it didn’t get enough tourists from Tokyo (it’s also located by Fukushima. Still wanna go?). It opened again in the 80’s and remained open for 13 years until its final closure in 1999. That’s basically it. There isn’t even enough info for a scary story. It just looks scary because of the dense fog that’s around it.