o look two more popped up. Very few people noticed I had a red contact in but when they did they freaked itwasnice

look at my embroiderrryyyy


so i gained like four new followers (hello! If you’re curious, my tagged cosplays are here and cosplay wips are here but I update my instagram more often with cosplaywips here). I wish I had better pics to commemorate this with but I DON’T. not until I find someone to take my pics ; aaaaaaa;

SO HERE’S SOME REALLY BAD CELLPHONE PICS n one really nice one from ChEsHiRe-K of Banzai Pro <3


was okay. was also told to go up and show the class how I made my costume in a tiny cosplay ‘runway’ panel where everyone broke down their costumes. Would have been nicer if you could hear everyone, different ranges were picked and didn’t drag on forever

but I won’t judge this first con that horribly. it as still okay ’ 3’ would go again.

2013 was the year if SEEMINGLY INNOCENT COSPLAYS TURNING COMPLEX (and killed my cosplay budget). I knocked out three cosplays that I started one night in February because I was bored and thought they’d be easy to do. Two were, ONE WAS NOT because I underestimated the prop and didn’t expect to actually do it.

I started to slowly amp up my technique as well. I learned how to hand embroider and started purchasing fabric that was more realistic to the character or fit in with their world (Miku’s jacket is a fleece-type material that makes it very warm and jacket-like while the dress is stretchy but also slightly warm. A super cute winter outfit that kept me warm when I wore it on Halloween night = 3=b). I also started experimenting with props again (first time since I was 17) and towards the end of the year, I began to learn how to create finished-like seams with a basic sewing machine (which is now kind of null since I have a serger but it’s still a good trick to know regardless). I also went back to using pre-made patterns since I figured out I’m pretty bad at making my own (I just do not understand pattern making at ALL). I really wanted to enter a Masquerade with one of my costumes since I’m so insanely proud of her but I’ve got some insane stage fright so I didn’t even bother. She’s a winner to me though. ; 3;b

2014 I want to make more complex costumes as well as some easier ones so that I can practice certain sewing tricks more. I also want to work on some props if possible but I don’t know what’ll happen in ‘14 since a resolution of mine is to get a new job and move away from the city I’m in so cosplay will have to take a seat on the back burner for a little bit if I’m able to find a better job.

was playing with my barnaby wig eheheu///

"aw tiger sent me a text"

"fuck tiger sent me a text"

Nabbed this off Instagram and now I can’t find the persons name!!

The only cosplay I did to Vegas (and I had like three in my suitcase aahaha/// whoops)


Baccano! Ladd Russo and Claire Stanfield Cosplay by SpiritArcher and DracoPlato @ DeviantArt

Who dem hotties up der