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Urbex: Prison 15H 03

Abandoned prison somewhere in France.
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Ace High - Stenigot

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The Impermanence of Pleasure

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The way out-By J.W.B

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Suicide Forest in Japan. [link]

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The Real Abandoned Overlook Hotel

Unlike the fictional Overlook Hotel in Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, this hotel is really named the Overlook. The abandoned hotel is located in the small, wine growing town of Bernkastel-Kues in Germany. Other than it has been unoccupied for about 13 years, there is no information as to why the hotel was closed. All of the furniture remains and it looks as if everyone there simply left. There are rumors that the hotel is haunted. According to urban explorers who frequent the spooky site, cameras malfunction, sounds can be heard throughout the premises and items seem to move around the hotel by themselves.

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abandoned aerial tramway : A station and gondola are abandoned for 14 years in the mountain, without being removed.

廃ロープウェイ : 駅とゴンドラは、廃線後14年経った今も撤去されずに山中に放置されています。